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Who We are

Growing Communities Of Healthy Children And Families

Angel Kids Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization committed to connecting people and resources in our community to address health disparities and provide equitable healthcare supports for all. Our desire is to nurture, educate and support children and families to allow them to thrive in their own surroundings. Founded in 2017, by Ashraf Affan, MD, Angel Kids Foundation is driven by the vision to aid children and families in underserved communities where poverty is extreme, commitment to education is low, employment opportunities are limited, and access to high quality physical and mental health care is lacking. Angel Kids Foundation was created to link together parent voice and community-based partners to seek solutions to addressing the social determinants of health. Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services registration number is CH67101

  • 2017

Growing Communities of Healthy Children & Families


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"It’s hard for me to ask for help, but thanks to Angel Kids Foundation I didn’t need to. I just needed to allow someone to show compassion and kindness through encouragement and support. I am truly grateful for what the care coordinator did for us and will always remember how they guided me to get back on my own feet. Thank you for everything!

Tiara C.

“I am a single mom of two children and never realized how much help I needed. The support and guidance I got from Angel Kids Foundation from everything from vaccine guidance to testing my 5 year old for developmental delays to help us prevent homelessness will never be forgotten. Kindness, non judgement and empathy matters!”

Isabella M

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Founder of CEO
Mr. Jems Bond

“Help and hope comes in all packages! I am a mom of two and have been with Angel Kids Pediatrics for about 6 years. I have always felt so blessed to have such a great team surround my kids for their healthcare, but recently we fell on hard times. My oldest child has started a battle with depression since isolation and homeschooling due to the pandemic. Our doctor referred us to the behavior health team and care coordination with Angel Kids Foundation who has helped us turn our “new norm” into empowerment and advocacy for our own self-care as a family. We feel so supported it’s truly been a great experience!’’

Latrice E

“We will always be so appreciative of the care we receive. We now have a happy household and the skills we need to appreciate each other. Our family loves Angel Kids!”

Ronalda S

"It started as an ordinary day for me, woke up overwhelmed as usual, full of panic as to how I would get enough food to feed myself and my child. I had no idea how to apply for services that could help me not struggle to buy food and certainly didn’t have any idea who to turn to for help with my child’s behavior issues. I took my child for his doctor’s appointment and left with renewed hope. Not only was I able to meet with a psychologist who was going to help me with my child’s behavior, but I also met with the care coordinator who helped get us connected to services for food, child care and help with housing. I left the office with food for my family, diapers, formula and new found hopefulness. Thank you to everyone at Angel Kids Foundation for what you do!!"

Megan B

“The support from lactation was lifesaving! I wish I could have their team move in with me!”

Candace S