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  • 4160 Boulevard Center Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32207

Igor Melnychuk, MD

Dr. Igor Melnychuk is a wound care and infectious disease specialist with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Upon graduating from Karl-Franzens University, Dr. Melnychuk completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the Montefiore Medical Center North. Aside from his many awards and published research studies, Dr. Melnychuck has a passion for philanthropy and interest in increasing access to care in underserved areas globally.


I am actively practicing Infectious Diseases and Wound Care, and have over a decade of experience in both areas. I have worked in a variety of practice settings, and am knowledgeable about corresponding standards of care. I provide expertise and have testified in both Infectious Diseases and Wound Care. Besides being Board certified in Infectious Diseases and CMET-certified in Wound Care, I am also Board Certified in Internal Medicine. I ranked in the top 10% of doctors in training nationally, and have maintained a good knowledge of general medical topics throughout my career as a subspecialist.

While being detail oriented, I am able to see the big picture of a case. I am apt at analyzing complex medical facts, synthesizing and presenting them in a digestible form to lay audience. I provide a prompt and thorough expert opinion, and my well researched reports reflect the standards of care of a given time. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian.”