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Children’s COVID-19 Mask Distribution

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    Event Date

    February 13, 2022

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    Event Location

    2040 Riverview St, FL

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    Event Cost

    Age: 18 & Above

We’re proud to announce that Angel Kids Pediatrics has donated 4,820 child masks to North Shore Elementary school today. This initiative was led by Angel Kids Pediatrics’s Head of HR, Geree!

Why Donate

Our work is possible because of people like you. Your generosity allows us to serve our communities' most vulnerable and at-risk populations, with a focus on increasing health in their lives. It is your commitment to giving back that helps families and individuals, and future generations, to live their best lives possible. Your tax-deductible donation supports Angel Kids Foundation, Inc. and helps us achieve our vision of : Bridging health care and communities. Thank you for supporting our work!