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What is Behavior Health?

What is Integrated Care?

Integrated care is a general term for any attempt to fully or partially blend behavioral health services with general and/or specialty medical services. This blending occurs within the Angel Kids Pediatrics Health Care Clinic and the Behavioral Team as well as ancillary supports and services that address social determinates of health and lactation to give a teaming approach to whole person care.

What is Care Coordination and why is it Important?

Care coordination is a patient- and family-centered, team-based activity designed to assess and meet the needs of patients, while helping them navigate effectively and efficiently through health care and services systems. Care coordination not only improves the patient experience with care, but it also can improve health outcomes.

What Does Nursing or Breastfeeding My Baby Mean?

Visit the CDC website

Can I make a donation by check?

Of course

How Do I Access the Services or Programs from Angel Kids Foundation?

Your child must be a patient of Angel Kids Pediatrics to receive services from the integrated team. Please click here to become a patient: If you already are a patient and are in need of services, please schedule an appointment to be seen by your provider to link you to Angel Kids Foundation.

How Do I Contact Someone from Angel Kids Foundation?

Please call (904) 224-5437 or email us at [email protected]