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The Voices of Sudan: Healing Lives, Restoring Hope.

Donate to Sudan

Be An Angel For The Children Of Sudan Today.

In war-torn Sudan, children are facing unimaginable hardship and suffering.  They are the innocent victims of a brutal conflict that has taken away their safety, education, and even their lives. Angel Kids Foundation’s Children’s Emergency Response Program is dedicated to providing immediate relief and support to these vulnerable children.

As a twofold organization, Angel Kids Foundation responds to the humanitarian needs of children who are faced with extreme crisis around the world, while simultaneously building sustainable, community-driven programs in Northeast Florida that support children and families who are adversely affected by social determinants of health.

Minutes count in times of emergencies when children experience crisis.  

As the violence in Sudan escalates, the immediate threats to the lives of children are intensifying, and the situation for children has become dire.

You Can Make  A Difference!

Your donation to the Angel Kids Foundation’s Children’s Emergency Fund will provide support to our local teams directly in the Country of Sudan in the capital city of Khartoum who despite the safety risks are taking care of the children living among the extreme devastation in Sudan.

Additional funding is critically needed, please donate TODAY!

  • According to the WHO, 61% of health facilities are closed
  • According to the UN, 7 children die an hour
  • Medical stockpiles of supplies and medication are critically low
  • More than one million vaccines have burned in the fires
  • Prices of food, fuel, and other basic goods are reportedly skyrocketing, making critical goods unaffordable
  • according to the World Food Programme, acute food insecure people in Sudan is expected to increase by 2 million in the next 3-6 months
  • Less than half of the population has access to clean water